A1Synth, Ltd. is a company specializing in the custom synthesis of organic compounds ranging from gram to kilogram amounts.

We offer:

  • complex multi-step chemical synthesis
  • synthesis of specialty non-commercial and/or unknown compounds
  • synthesis of catalog molecules
  • scale-up and process optimization
  • A1Synth, Ltd. has broad experiences in the synthesis of a wide range of organic molecules and can assist you through, for example:

  • Synthesis of
    • reference standards
    • metabolites
    • advanced intermediates and building blocks
  • Extraction, isolation and purification of natural products
  • Purification of complex organic mixtures
  • Our staff consists of qualified chemists with extensive background in academia and industry, typically having several years of laboratory experience in the chemistry of heterocycles, carbohydrates, alkaloids, peptides, pharmaceutical reference standards as well as in preparing labeled compounds or metabolites of biologically active substances.

    Our focus is to:

  • work flexibly (non-GMP)
  • work cost-effectively and thus offer competitive pricing
  • deliver quickly and timely
  • willingness to customize our services according to your requirements
  • A1Synth, Ltd. is located in the heart of Europe in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the Slovak Technical University, Faculty of Chemistry and Food Technology (STU Bratislava). Our laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation suitable for the synthesis of milligram to multi-kilogram amounts. We work using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, such as, e.g.:

  • stirred tank reactors (10L and 20L)
  • autoclaves and hydrogenation apparatus
  • modern chromatographic and other separation equipment
  • Our substances are characterized, depending on customers demands, by:

  • HPLC
  • GC, GC-MS
  • NMR (advanced NMR experiments for unambiguous structure elucidation can be provided on demand, as well)
  • Elemental Analysis
  • IR
  • optical purity
  • On demand, we can provide you with detailed reports including experimental procedures and analytical data.

    With the experience gained over the years, we have ventured into "services beyond manufacture": Committed to innovation and flexibility, we offer to "fix your chemistry", that is, providing extensive support to your Research & Development efforts. We are excited to design and explore novel synthetic routes leading to challenging substances. Sensitive data is of course handled strictly confidential.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail office@a1synth.sk

    Thank you for visiting A1Synth!